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The mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and share the history and culture of the state of Oklahoma and its people. OHS collections represent our rich American Indian history, prominent universities, bold pioneer spirit, and the lives of ordinary citizens who call Oklahoma home.

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Search Hints: To search by phrase, wrap your search terms in quotes. ex: "Wiley Post"

The search button allows you to perform a general keyword search for online records. You can search for object names, people's names, materials, titles, artists, authors, and subjects. To search for a specific phrase, put the phrase within quotes (i.e. "Otto Gray"). Searches are not case sensitive. You can also use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard at the end of a word (i.e. a search for histor* would come up with records containing history, histories, historical, etc.).

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The advanced search button can help you be more specific with your search. You can search for a word or phrase within a particular search category, which may narrow down your search results. If you don't find what you are looking for with an advanced search, try using the search option for a broader search.

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The random images button is a great way to browse the collection. Each random image page displays an assortment of images from the online records. If something peaks your interest, click the link below the image to view the record.