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Name Wood

Associated Records

Image of 1981.034.128 - Bellows

1981.034.128 - Bellows

Leather straps for hanging frame from 2 slats of wood, brown leather bubble forms body of bellows. Back is bare wood;top is covered with brass and has embossed coat-of-arms

Image of 02320 - Chair

02320 - Chair

Wood Captain-style chair with wire supports underneath. Chair appears to have been painted at one time, but coating is worn mostly off.

Image of 02321 - Chair

02321 - Chair

Wooden chair, low semi-rounded back; wire supports the base and arms of chair; sticker on underside of seat reads "Chair used in the House of Warriors in the old Creek Council House in Okmulgee"; also has an 'S-shaped design' inside of a diamond written on the bottom

Image of 03188 - Chair

03188 - Chair

Child's handmade wood chair with woven cane seat. Two horizontal rails across back; stretchers on legs (front and back stretchers lower than left and right ones). Handwritten in pencil on back: "Loaned by Mrs Pricilla Wood, McAllister May 1922"

Image of 1990.166.004 - Chair

1990.166.004 - Chair

Eastlake design, walnut construction, dark maroon padded upholstered back. Needlepoint design in the seat.

Image of 1971.207.002 - Chair

1971.207.002 - Chair

Walnut wood upholstered in dark floral pattern brocade-like fabric. The chair has an oval back. This is a low chair, measuring approx 15 inches from floor to top of seat. The feet are drilled to accept casters which are missing.

Image of 1981.034.004 - Chair

1981.034.004 - Chair

Multicolor needlepoint, straight back arm chair, open back with 5 vertical flat members separated by wooden spacers; arms curve slightly outward and end in a down-turned scroll; seat is wool needlepoint

Image of 1995.183.002 - Chair, Desk

1995.183.002 - Chair, Desk

Wooden desk chair with arms. In Journal Record Building across from the Alfred P. Murrah building at the time of the bombing.

Image of 01396 - Chair, Dining

01396 - Chair, Dining

Ladderback dining chair, leather seat tied with crisscross strips of leather, hand made

Image of 05030 - Chest, Blanket

05030 - Chest, Blanket

Wood chest with 4 legs; hinged lid with keyhole in front; beveled "window pane" design on 3 sides. The "panes" slide back and forth on the horizontal supports; The "frame" on the outside of each pane is nailed to the loose pane. The chest appears to have been stained or painted a reddish color at some time. The "frames" have been stained or painted a blackish color. The chest is plain on back; edges of lid beveled. It appears to have had a label on the top of the lid at one time. Chest has numerous round-head nails in it. Nails on outside appear to have been painted/stained(?) with the wood.

Image of 1990.100.032.1 - Chifforobe

1990.100.032.1 - Chifforobe

Upright cedar chest, left side has hanger space, right side has shelf and 3 drawers.; molding around the top edge; rounded legs; scalloped bottom edge; two doors on the top half - wooden knobs to open - small key as well; long drawer on the lower portion of the chest - also have round wooden knobs; flat backside

Image of 2012.115.003 - Footstool

2012.115.003 - Footstool

small, four-legged footstool; rectangular shape; red upholstered cushion on top with a red ribbon around the seam; squared off, wooden leg (legs taper toward the bottom) on each corner under a rectangular wooden, base; two small metal pieces (staples) underneath

Image of 1969.001.002.1 - Scale

1969.001.002.1 - Scale

Wooden case that holds the Chinese scales. Shaped like a violin case, hinge at the skinny end and has a brass clip that lifts up and the two halves of the case slide apart on the hinge. There are two tassels with red 'bows' to hang the scale. The one closest to the end will give a different measurement, and the other will measure heavier items. Unsure of what might have been measured with the scale.

Image of 1990.100.012 - Shelf

1990.100.012 - Shelf

Dark stain, bookshelf with magazine rack on top; made of oak; open side supports

Image of 2000.095.799 - Stand, Shaving

2000.095.799 - Stand, Shaving

Round wood (possibly walnut) shaving stand with three barley twist legs, lower base shelf, and upper bracket with opening to hold wash basin. There are towel bars on either side. There is a small oval cheval mirror with 2 attached candle holders. On the back side is a small semi-circular shelf.

Image of 05345 - Switchboard

05345 - Switchboard

Wood block w/Brass instrument panel, Copper electrical wiring. Switchboard is stamped '"W/U/T/CO." on top, and "181" on bottom.

Image of 1971.207.022.1 - Vase

1971.207.022.1 - Vase

Bud vase made of blue satin glass, decorated with flowers and butterflies.

Image of 1971.207.022.2 - Vase

1971.207.022.2 - Vase

Bud vase made of blue satin glass, decorated with flowers and butterflies.