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Image of 1988.019.003 - Bag

1988.019.003 - Bag

U.S. Army M-36 Bag, Canvas, Field (Mussette Bag) w/ Shoulder Strap; Blood located on outside flap near securing straps (see pic 4).

Image of 1990.012 - Bracelet

1990.012 - Bracelet

P.O.W. Bracelet bears name: MAJ. BERNARD TALLEY JR. and date 9-10-66

Image of 1978.063.002 - Belt, Cartridge

1978.063.002 - Belt, Cartridge

Ten-pocket M1923 cartridge belt. Designed to carry clips of ammunition for the M1903 or M1 rifle. Belt, cartridge; canvas, steel; olive drab and black metal; belt with ten 10cm x 5.5cm pouches; 87cm long x 10cm wide; marked "US" and "Hinson Mfg. Co., 1943"; c. WWII

Image of 1987.107.005.1 - Book

1987.107.005.1 - Book

Small hardbound book; blue cover, black lettering: "FIELD SERVICE REGULATIONS US ARMY"; 1914, corrected April 15, 1917; 244 pages, including index.

Image of 1987.107.005.6 - Booklet

1987.107.005.6 - Booklet

Brown cover; green bugler design and lettering: ARMY LIFE, A Souvenir de Luxe of the Army in Mexico and on the Border; white pages w/ black and white captioned photos.

Image of 1987.107.005.4 - Booklet, Instruction

1987.107.005.4 - Booklet, Instruction

War Dept. manual; "SIGNAL BOOK US ARMY 1916"; 64 pages; stapled and folded at spine, tan fabric cover. Inside in ink: Cadet Lewis M. Tharp.

Image of 2012.131.009 - Booklet, Instruction

2012.131.009 - Booklet, Instruction

"Iraq Visual Language Survival Guide"; folded pamphlet; 20 pages; has survival phrases and panels in Iraqi Arabic, Sorani Kurdish, and Farsi; has both a general national (Iraq) map and general regional map; pamphlet tells how to identify an individual, look out for an ambush or booby trap, weapons, surrender body language, and destruction/vehicle stops (survival skills and instructions given through pictures)

Image of 1987.146.094.1-.2 - Boot

1987.146.094.1-.2 - Boot

Vietnam era jungle boots; ankle high; leather footbed and cotton upper

Image of 2004.096.002.1-.2 - Boot

2004.096.002.1-.2 - Boot

Tan, Army issue desert boots. Nylon uppers with leather body; speedlace closure. Soles are heavily worn and boots are dirty overall from wear. DO NOT CLEAN-the boots are in the same condition as when they were worn home from Iraq.

Image of 2004.080.031.1-.2 - Boot

2004.080.031.1-.2 - Boot

Pair of U.S.Military desert boots. The boots are tan leather with nylon uppers and rubber soles. There are 7 pairs of eyelets.

Image of 1976.051.009 - Cap, Garrison

1976.051.009 - Cap, Garrison

WWII first pattern enlisted overseas cap with piping for the Military Police; U.S. Army olive drab wool garrison cap with yellow and gold piping. Written inside on the sweatband is "Clay."

Image of 1986.001.007 - Cap, Garrison

1986.001.007 - Cap, Garrison

Marine Corp garrison cap; olive green Marine cap, yellow lining, metal Marine Corps emblem on left front

Image of 1988.132.002 - Cap, Service

1988.132.002 - Cap, Service

US Navy service cap; white cotton upper; eagle emblem on black wool background; eagle is silver colored coiled metallic thread; beak is red; silver shield; brass crossed anchors; brass rope and coiled thread; black woven hatband; chinstrap held in place with gold buttons; shiny black brim; leather sweatband inside; size 7; label inside: "The Berkshire"

Image of 1990.167.004 - Cap, Service

1990.167.004 - Cap, Service

U.S. Army Air Corps service "crush" cap of olive drab wool with brown leather visor. Brass Army Air Corp insignia on front of cap. Marked inside is RICHARD N KELLER, 02087655 WWII

Image of 1991.166.131 - Cap, Service

1991.166.131 - Cap, Service

WWII US Army khaki tan cap with brown bill and strap; officers' cap eagle insignia; in a plastic sleeve in the crown is a typewritten ID sheet with owner's info and place of use (see images).

Image of 1991.029.001 - Coin, Commemorative

1991.029.001 - Coin, Commemorative

Commemorative coin for Operation Desert Storm. Face of coin shows map of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the year 1991. Reverse bears words "United States of America" and stars around the rim, encircling a portion of a vertically displayed American flag.

Image of 2002.032.063 - Coveralls

2002.032.063 - Coveralls

WWII US Army Air Corps HBT (Herring Bone Twill) one-piece coveralls. OD in color with attached waistbelt and white name tag over left breast pocket. Tear in the left leg cuff area. Back of coveralls is decorated with stencil of pilots wings and letters U.S.A

Image of 1987.107.006.1 - Currency

1987.107.006.1 - Currency

French currency from WWI; one franc note.

Image of 2012.131.003 - Currency

2012.131.003 - Currency

One Dinar - Iraqi currency note; from the Central Bank of Iraq; green and blue paper and print; seal in the middle on the front with Arabic writing and scrolls along the top and bottom; the back of the note has an image of a building

Image of 1988.207.005.1-.2 - Flashlight

1988.207.005.1-.2 - Flashlight

WWII U.S. Navy TB-8 Flashlight; Manufactured by Bridgeport Metal Goods Mfg. Co, Bridgeport Con. U.S. Navy issue - Black metal flashlight with keeper ring on one end. There is a cord lanyard attached to the keeper ring.

Image of 1976.051.007 - Hat

1976.051.007 - Hat

U.S. Army olive drab oilcloth rain hat - sou''wester style with chin strap. The label inside is marked "A.J. Tower Co., Boston, Mass., Sept. 18, 1942."

Image of 2004.096.001 - Hat

2004.096.001 - Hat

Desert camo boonie hat with Sgt. 1st Class subdued insignia sewn onto front of hat. Hat is stained throughout from dust and smoke. Drawstring chin strap, size 7-1/4.

Image of 01870 - Helmet

01870 - Helmet

WWI M-1917 US Army helmet. Outer surface is painted in a geometric pattern with different colors in an attempt at early camouflage. Chin strap is missing and liner is looser than normal.

Image of 02154 - Helmet

02154 - Helmet

A British Mk I helmet. The shell is composed of 13% manganese. The lining is woven of cotton twine in meshes 3/8" of an inch square. This web, fitting tightly upon the wearer's head, evenly distributes the weight of the two-pound helmet, and in the same way distributes the force of any blow upon the helmet. The netting, together with the small pieces of rubber around the edge of the lining, keep the helmet away from the head, so that even a relatively large dent will not reach the wearer's skull. The lining, as mentioned above, consists of cotton twine mesh surrounded by a circular piece of leather that holds tubular pieces of rubber, and the mesh is covered by a piece of black oil cloth. Sa

Image of 1973.134.014 - Helmet

1973.134.014 - Helmet

WWI M-1917 US Army ROTC helmet; olive drab steel helmet with leather and felt lining and leather chin strap. Painted on the front of the helmet is a torch with flame. "ZA47" inscribed on inside of rim.

Image of 1976.110.001 - Helmet

1976.110.001 - Helmet

WWI M-1917 US Army helmet; steel helmet with leather liner and chin strap. Painted on the side is the "Rolling W" insignia of the 89th Infantry Division.

Image of 1991.166.073.1-.2 - Helmet

1991.166.073.1-.2 - Helmet

Post 1943 M1 steel helmet (.1) with liner (.2); fixed bails; bar tacked chin strap

Image of 1991.255.003 - Helmet

1991.255.003 - Helmet

1881 pattern enlisted dress helmet for a cavalryman; black felt "Bobby" style helmet has brass eagle cap devise; crossed sabers denoting cavalry; brass and horsehair plume on top; yellow horsehair falls down on right; headband "Earnest M. Bradley"

Image of 2004.102.057 - Helmet

2004.102.057 - Helmet

M-1 US helmet; green metal with green canvas chin strap

Image of 2005.208.001.1 - Helmet

2005.208.001.1 - Helmet

Kevlar M-2 helmet, used in Operation Desert Storm, returned from Middle East "unserviceable;" inside of helmet stamped "M-2" "85" "X" and a horse or dog emblem, all circled; some mostly illegible, scratched-off black printing on inside of helmet near rim, what is legible reads "4296" "7527" "Lake __oux Mfg"