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Name Native American

Associated Records

Image of 2012. - Armband

2012. - Armband

Two silver arm bands engraved with designs of lines and stars.

Image of 01161 - Basket

01161 - Basket

Square bottom, some green dyed cane, twill braid in 4/4 interval, bundled rim

Image of 07518 - Bag

07518 - Bag

Dark brown "U" shaped soft leather with flap over opening, white beads on all edges, a four pointed star on front with turquoise tips and red and white center, edges trimmed with turquoise, red, and green, vertical leather tab on back, trimmed with pale blue beads

Image of 07570 - Bag

07570 - Bag

"U" shaped leather bag with 7 1/2" thin leather strap, both sides are beaded the same, there is a thin horizontal band at opening and a cross in the center, colors include: cobalt, pale blue, white and red

Image of 08148 - Bag

08148 - Bag

Drawstring bag, leather, beads, sinew, paint; pear shaped; front painted yellow and edged in red; edges beaded in a purple-brown; top beaded lavender; beaded crosses and bands on front, in turquoise, red, white, lavender, and purple-brown

Image of 08347 - Bag

08347 - Bag

Leather, silk, beads, cotton thread; long soft tan leather bag; U-shaped with flap on front and back; edges trimmed with red silk; white beads on edges; flaps beaded with one row pink, 1 row cobalt; 4 petal flower on front (blue & white); black zig zag border on front, thread belt through for hanging

Image of 05643 - Bag, Utility

05643 - Bag, Utility

Small leather coin purse with flap on top; blue, turquoise and white cross and black thunderbird beaded on front; edge stripes of same colors; thong tie; back is beaded in arrowhead and cross designs

Image of 02720 - Bag

02720 - Bag

Rawhide bag; lazy stitch beading in pale green, white, dark blue, rose/white, dark green, corn yellow; red quill wrapping on fringe and tie thong; leather drops on front, quill wrapped, with tin cones at ends

Image of 05122 - Bag

05122 - Bag

Bag made from a prairie dog containing corn seed; found in the Kenton Cave

Image of 2007.042.032 - Bag

2007.042.032 - Bag

Brain tanned bag rounded bottom with leather drawstring ties. A beaded flower adorns the front and bag of the bag. Bead colors include red, white, green, black, and light blue. A row of light blue beads is edge beaded along the top of the bag.

Image of 00030 - Bag, Ration Ticket

00030 - Bag, Ration Ticket

A Cheyenne ration ticket bag made of commercially tanned leather, possibly a repurposed boot top, with braintanned deer hide fringe. Flat bag; front beaded with three geometric designs in yellow, red, white, cobalt blue, and pink; semi-circle flap, edge beaded, and Maltese cross in center; soft white buckskin fringe on flap and bottom of bag; seams trimmed with white beads; leather thong on back for hanging

Image of 00524 - Bag, Ration Ticket

00524 - Bag, Ration Ticket

A Cheyenne ration ticket bag made of commercially tanned leather with green dyed, brain tanned deer hide fringe added to the top flap. The fringe on the bottom of the bag is made from the body of the bag; fringed flap. Front of bag beaded in white, blue, light blue, black, and red designs, flap beaded along outer edge in white, blue, and red stripe with green fringe. Sides beaded in white and green stripes. Back of bag plain, except for band of white, red, blue, black, and marigold beads. Leather thong tied at back of bag.

Image of 07502 - Bag, Ration Ticket

07502 - Bag, Ration Ticket

A Cheyenne ration ticket bag made of commercially tanned leather with brain tanned deer hide fringe and hand strap attached. The fringe is dyed a yellow ochre color; seed and glass beads, hawk bells

Image of 2007.042.031 - Bag, Ration Ticket

2007.042.031 - Bag, Ration Ticket

Beaded ration bag made of harness leather and adorned with beadwork pattern on the front. Leather fringe hangs down from the bottom of the bag. Overall beadwork pattern is a white background with different colored designs including half diamonds and full diamonds. Plains beadwork pattern. Bead colors include white, green, black, yellow, blue, and red.

Image of 00768 - Bag, Strike-a-light

00768 - Bag, Strike-a-light

Rawhide with beads and tin jangles; lazy stitch in multicolors; flap at top and leather thong for attaching the bag to a belt

Image of 1989.037.006 - Bag, Strike-a-light

1989.037.006 - Bag, Strike-a-light

Buckskin strike-a-light bag, drawstring top; beaded on front, glass beads in pink, white, red, gold, blue and white; beaded arrow shapes at bottom; fringe of plain buckskin;

Image of 05646.001 - Bag, Utility

05646.001 - Bag, Utility

Beaded leather coin purse; painted yellow, beaded with sunburst pattern in blue, red, green, gold with "rays" in red around outside; edge stripes in pink, blue and red; open at top

Image of 00406 - Bag, Utility

00406 - Bag, Utility

Utility bag; beaded in a geometric lazy stitch of white, blue, red and green; thin leather thong at top

Image of 00407 - Bag, Utility

00407 - Bag, Utility

Beaded leather coin bag; white, navy blue and turquoise seed beads; tie thong at top.

Image of 00410 - Bag, Utility

00410 - Bag, Utility

Leather coin purse; beaded in a blue and green floral design; top zig zag border in blue beads as well as around edge; navy blue, light blue, white and red beaded strands for handle

Image of 01244 - Bag, Utility

01244 - Bag, Utility

Cowhide with white and brown hair, beaded side strips in geometric design, blue, red, green and yellow; tinklers in sets of 2 on each side; flap at top with beaded scalloped edge

Image of 01822 - Bag, Utility

01822 - Bag, Utility

Geometric beadwork, rawhide dyed yellow and green, oval shape with squared-off top, flap at top, thong for tying to belt; fringe; beaded on the back

Image of 02532 - Bag, Utility

02532 - Bag, Utility

Arapaho utility beaded saddle bag, white background, with green, yellow, indigo, red design; gray horsehair trim, small whisks held with metal cones at top and sides

Image of 04727 - Bag, Utility

04727 - Bag, Utility

Beaded hide bag. Beaded pattern of central X-shape inserted with red and white checked pattern; blue scallops; drawstring top; same design in different colors on back; long beaded fringe.

Image of 01540.002 - Bowl, Pipe

01540.002 - Bowl, Pipe

Orange/red pipe bowl with groups of concentric lines in relief in five spots over surface

Image of 05630 - Bag, Utility

05630 - Bag, Utility

Leather coin purse, multicolor beads, fringe; thong at top for tying to belt

Image of 05631 - Bag, Utility

05631 - Bag, Utility

Leather coin purse, multicolor small seed beads; no fringe, thong at top

Image of 05633 - Bag, Utility

05633 - Bag, Utility

Leather coin purse, German silver concho style buttons; round with small rounded flap at top and hide fringe extending from sides to bottom of bag. Multiple red, white, blue, and black circles with red and black cross in center of front. Back is decorated with multiple circular shapes in same colors as front; thong at top.

Image of 05638 - Bag, Utility

05638 - Bag, Utility

Leather coin purse, lazy stitch beadwork in teal, dark blue along top and on back; bag is orange; short fringe around edges, thong on top

Image of 05639 - Bag, Utility

05639 - Bag, Utility

Leather coin purse with fringe; rounded body tapers to elongated neck; beaded on front in blue and white cross design with blue zig-zag pattern around edge; black beaded bird design on back with blue zig-zag edge; thong at top