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Name Governor

Associated Records

Image of 1969.061.001 - Ashtray

1969.061.001 - Ashtray

Square pressed glass ashtray with frosted/embossed zig zag pattern. File states that the ashtray belonged to Governor Martin E. Trapp, term of office 1923-1927.

Image of 05675.084 - Button, Campaign

05675.084 - Button, Campaign

"I AM FOR LEE CRUCE FOR GOVERNOR" with photo in center, white with black print

Image of 1986.122.015 - Chair

1986.122.015 - Chair

Ladderback Heywood-Wakefield chair, made of wood and rope. Tag underneath front spreader has "C2060AF ANT. MHY." On back of top rail is a brass tag with "HONORING THE GOVERNORS of OKLAHOMA"

Image of 1969.062 - Gavel

1969.062 - Gavel

Dark wood gavel, highly polished - mounted on walnut base; dedication plate, brass Plaque has: "This gavel is presented by Governor William J. Holloway. The gavel was a gift which was used by him in presiding for the Oklahoma Senate while Lieutenant Governor in 1927 and 1928 and was kept on his desk while Governor in 1929 and 1930" Brass clasp holds gavel to base

Image of 1979.062.004 - Gavel

1979.062.004 - Gavel

Small dark cedar gavel - has a silver plate tacked to the head "Gov. Leon C. Phillips Jan. 9th 1939 Cedar from old Ft. Supply Stockade 1868"

Image of 2010.013.001 - Hat, Top

2010.013.001 - Hat, Top

Black beaver top hat with black silk grosgrain ribbon trim. The hat is lined with ivory moire taffeta and has a leather sweatband. It is marked inside the crown "Colbert, Marshall Field & Co., Chicago." Worn by Governor Charles Haskell.

Image of 2005.203.164 - Plate, License

2005.203.164 - Plate, License

Orange-yellow metal car tag with black raised lettering. Reads "Bill Murray for President".

Image of 2003.079.205 - Nameplate

2003.079.205 - Nameplate

Metal nameplate, has a raised image of the state of Oklahoma, gold colored with inset print "Johnston Murray". Silver-colored base, reads "1951-1955" in raised lettering.

Image of 2014.114.030 - Nameplate

2014.114.030 - Nameplate

desk nameplate; light tan wooden base - rectangle with curved edges; there are two elongated ovals (one atop the other, with the top one tilted backward slightly) sitting on the base; block letters, dark brown, text on the front of the ovals, "Robert S. Kerr - Governor -"; paper sticker on the bottom of the base, "Made by - Spike Barker No. 42692"

Image of 1975.011.001 - Painting

1975.011.001 - Painting

Painting of George W. Steele, 1st governor of Oklahoma Territory, 1890-1891

Image of 1975.013 - Ticket

1975.013 - Ticket

Inaugural ball ticket to the Inauguration of J.B.A. Robertson, January 13, 1919, $5.00. Small rectangular cardstock with blue image of the State Capitol building, print is black. Is stamped in red as a complimentary ticket and signed by Robertson.

Image of 1971.207.022.1 - Vase

1971.207.022.1 - Vase

Bud vase made of blue satin glass, decorated with flowers and butterflies.

Image of 1970.035.001-.003 - Watch, Pocket

1970.035.001-.003 - Watch, Pocket

.1) Gold watch which belonged to Territorial Governor George Washington Steele; gold, face and back covered with covers of gold, engraved with the initials "GWS" on one face and design on opposite side that is "1900" intertwined figures; face cover is released by pressing top of stem .2) chain, two types and two sections: large links and small links; gold bar on small section of chain .3) pocket knife attached to chain; gold plated; double blade; Manufacturer's metal marks includes number 9.375; engraving is "GWS Jr."; knife was attached later when watch was carried by Governor Steele's son, Captain G.W. Steele, Jr.