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Name Utterback, William E.
Othernames Elbert
Born Oct. 1, 1874
Birthplace Chapel Hill, MS
Places of residence Mississippi
Titles & honors 1st Lieutenant in the Spanish-American War
Judge Advocate in World War I
Father William Franklin
Mother Adelia Amanda (Spears)
Education A&M in Mississippi;
University of Mississippi in law
Notes voluntary service in the Philippine Insurrection.
Occupation Attorney
Role Law
Spouse Valerie Burton
Children Priscilla Wooten
Deceased Sept. 18, 1950
Deceased where Sherman, TX

Associated Records

Image of 1990.100.076 - Bench

1990.100.076 - Bench

Brass legs, green fabric cushion with brass handles, "Genie lamp" design On the end pieces is "S 14" cast into the metal.

Image of 1990.100.045 - Chair

1990.100.045 - Chair

Carving of interlinking abstract design of two fruit leaves in center, open carved back, five piece rounded border, the front stretcher is capped with a strip bamboo stained to match the rest of the chair.

Image of 1990.100.087 - Chair

1990.100.087 - Chair

Large wooden adjustable recliner on rollers, 2 large green cushions, 6 bars on back of chair, reclining mechanism.

Image of 1990.100.015 - Chair, Fireplace

1990.100.015 - Chair, Fireplace

Large with tall oak back, dark stain, padded seat covered with dark brown vinyl, studded around borders.

Image of 1990.100.032.1 - Chifforobe

1990.100.032.1 - Chifforobe

Upright cedar chest, left side has hanger space, right side has shelf and 3 drawers.; molding around the top edge; rounded legs; scalloped bottom edge; two doors on the top half - wooden knobs to open - small key as well; long drawer on the lower portion of the chest - also have round wooden knobs; flat backside

Image of 1990.100.013 - Holder, Match

1990.100.013 - Holder, Match

Carved soapstone match holder; two oval bowls surrounded by leaves; varying shades of dark brown to caramel brown.

Image of 1990.100.054 - Holder, Umbrella

1990.100.054 - Holder, Umbrella

Cylinder of fired clay, reddish color, incised and/or relief decorations on exterior. Shows images of Chinese-style dragons and motifs.

Image of 1990.100.012 - Shelf

1990.100.012 - Shelf

Dark stain, bookshelf with magazine rack on top; made of oak; open side supports

Image of 1990.100.077.1 - Table

1990.100.077.1 - Table

2 matched corner tables - gray, black and white stone top bordered by 4 wood pieces; round; four sqaured off legs - brackets in the middle toward the bottom; decoation - floral motif - around the sides of the tables and along the edge on the tops

Image of 1990.100.004 - Vase

1990.100.004 - Vase

Translucent light-purple glass vase, flared mouth. Design of leaves painted on in black and white. There is an oval acid-etched mark with "CZECHO- SLOVAKIA" in two lines on the bottom, (see notes)

Image of 1990.100.003 - Vase

1990.100.003 - Vase

Vase of translucent light green glass, inverted bell shape. Decorated with small leaf design in black and white. Band of white above base. The glass itself has tiny flecks of a white substance.