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Name Tharp, Lewis
Othernames Lewis Marion Tharp
Born Jun 1896
Birthplace Crawford, County, KS
Places of residence Kansas
Titles & honors He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action on September 27 and 28, 1918.
Father Walter P. Tharp (1872 - 1929)
Mother Nellie O. Wilson (1874 - 1953)
Nationality US
Education Winfield Highschool, KS
Notes He was wounded in action in the Argonne Forest, September 28th, and died in Mobile Hospital No. 2 on October 2nd, 1918.
Buried Cherokee Cemetery, Crawford County, KS
Occupation US Army; at the time of his death he was first lieutenant Liaison Officer, 1st Battalion, 140th U.S. Infantry, 35th Division
Relationships One brother Paul Arden Tharp (1900–1972)
Role Military
Deceased 2 Oct 1918
Deceased where France

Associated Records

Image of 1987.107.009.12 - Badge

1987.107.009.12 - Badge

Badge to be worn on clothes that is a miniature blue star flag; signifies that you have a family member serving in the military. A paper red cross is pinned to the back. (Service flag pin)

Image of 1987.107.005.1 - Book

1987.107.005.1 - Book

Small hardbound book; blue cover, black lettering: "FIELD SERVICE REGULATIONS US ARMY"; 1914, corrected April 15, 1917; 244 pages, including index.

Image of 1987.107.005.9 - Book

1987.107.005.9 - Book

Army Service Schools manual of Lectures On "MILITARY SANITATION AND MANAGMENT OF THE SANITARY SERVICE"; 109 pages stapled and covered; front cover has "Lewis M. Tharp" written in ink.

Image of 1987.107.005.6 - Booklet

1987.107.005.6 - Booklet

Brown cover; green bugler design and lettering: ARMY LIFE, A Souvenir de Luxe of the Army in Mexico and on the Border; white pages w/ black and white captioned photos.

Image of 1987.107.009.15 - Booklet

1987.107.009.15 - Booklet

Pocket edition of the Gospel according to Matthew; tan cover, white pages; front cover has two black lines around border; title in black: St. Matthew; underneath title are words handwritten in pencil: Presented to Lewis Tharp by Chaplin Mc___eever. Pencilled letters are rubbed away and difficult to read. Handwritten notes inside front cover dated 1916.

Image of 1987.107.005.4 - Booklet, Instruction

1987.107.005.4 - Booklet, Instruction

War Dept. manual; "SIGNAL BOOK US ARMY 1916"; 64 pages; stapled and folded at spine, tan fabric cover. Inside in ink: Cadet Lewis M. Tharp.

Image of 1987.107.006.1 - Currency

1987.107.006.1 - Currency

French currency from WWI; one franc note.

Image of 1987.107.002.1 - Portfolio

1987.107.002.1 - Portfolio

Brown leather portfolio; one piece of leather folded in half; three sets of holes punched along spine; smooth finish outside, rough inside, tooled along outer edges; tooled lettering on front: "SAN ANTONIO, TX SEPT 7 - 16, AUSTIN, TX SEPT. 16, FORT RILEY KANS. NOV 6-16, MEXICA(N) BORDER SERVICE JUNE 19-16. Another location in Texas is obscured by a small attached photo of five young boys.

Image of 1987.107.009.10 - Purse, Coin

1987.107.009.10 - Purse, Coin

Leather coin purse with 2 snap closures imprinted with basket weave and flower design

Image of 1987.107.013.1-.2 - Puttee

1987.107.013.1-.2 - Puttee

Smooth brown leather leggings worn by officers; shaped to fit lower leg; top fitted with adjustable belt; Hanan & Son, New York stamped inside; THARP written inside one.

Image of 1987.107.009.19 - Tag, Identification

1987.107.009.19 - Tag, Identification

WWI ID tags stamped "LEWIS M. THORP - CORP. - CO. H 2ND INF - KAN"; flip side is etched w/ initials EBB

Image of 1987.107.009.9 - Wallet

1987.107.009.9 - Wallet

Folding leather holder; snap closure; when opened one side unfolds further once, the other side unfolds twice; outside pocket is marked with " Lewis M. Tharp; tooled on the front :"US Army Greetings Camp Doniphan"